What is Octane?

Octane is far away the best dubstep soundbank I've ever created. The goal is to give the best presets to make the producer able to create successful & powerful tracks to then reach the biggest labels.

It contains more than 25 powerful presets & 35 best wavetables for dubstep, riddim or the genre of your choice.

So much time was spend on it to create the essential dubstep sounds that break in the nowadays music industry.


Listen to Octane Ultimate Dubstep Soundbank in action:


BS - Smash

BS - Purification X

BS - Radium

BS - Polonium

BS - Judgment

BS - Unlimited

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Get exclusive bonuses when you'll grab the pack:



7$ Value

Dimension Sample Pack

This pack is a real passe-partout, fitting with every styles. The possibilities are endless with this amazing pack. Create your own dimension with it.

+100 hours was spend on it to create what people need to materialize their imagination. Don't let the obstacles stop your creativity.

3$ Value

Dimension Expansion

More destined to cinematic & orchestral style. Why not doing a hybrid Orchestral/Dubstep song?


Distinguish yourself from others artists and be more easily recognized & appreciated by the community.

+7$ Value

Hydrogene for Xfer Serum

Xfer Serum is considered by a lot of producers as the best synthetizer

in the music industry nowadays. Used by the best & most famous producers like Virtual Riot, Skrillex, Diplo, Flume, Deadmau5, etc. Having the best sounds is almost an obligation.

Hydrogene is a pack for people, who really wants to progress quickly & become recognized by reaching the biggest labels such as Owsla & DubstepGutter. Make what you're thinking real.

This is what you get by downloading Octane:

Octane Ultimate Dubstep Soundbank

Dimension Sample Pack

Dimension Expansion Pack

Hydrogene for Xfer Serum

(Secret bonus coming soon...)

Total value

Your price










(Secret bonus coming soon)

20$ Value



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