+ How does it work?

Once all the Lucky Tickets for a draw will be sold, a wheel will be spinned for 3 times. 1x for the winner & 2 for the random people that will get a free entry for the next draw.

+ How will the winner(s) be notified?

Through Instagram (Direct message, Story) & Mail. The winner will have 10 days to manifest to claim the prize or another winner will be chosen.

+ Is it safe? How can I trust this?

We made an agreement with Plautes, the owner of this website. The business recently started & has a lot of projects for the near future. Its name is on the line & we simply can't ruin it for...1$. There is nothing to gain from abusing customer trust & we hope that through our honesty & transparency we'll be able to earn & maintain yours.

+ Protection, shipping & import taxes:

For the protection, the prize will be wrapped in plastic bubble. It will be then send in a letter through the cheapest post service without a tracking number because of how cheap the lottery is. If you would like though a better package, faster delivery and/or a tracking number at your own cost, there is absolutely no problem.

For the tax part, no matter what I am not responsible, please see if your country/region has an import tax for letters from international dispatch before buying a Lucky Ticket. I don't think there are in most of them, but if you're not sure take the time to inform yourself to avoid any bad surprise.

Current On-Going Lottery:

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1x "Japan Only" Sealed Double Braise Tag Team GX Pack (+ Free Bonus : Delhmise V)

Quantity: 5x Tickets available -> 1 Winner

Content: Sealed "Japan Only" Pokemon Sun & Moon Pack 5 Cards (+Free Bonus: Delhmise V)

Conditions: Sealed (+ NM-Mint for the V)

Bonus: 2 Random people will get a free lucky ticket for the next draw

Spinda Secret Cafe

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1$ Lucky Lottery for Sealed Packs, Rare & Old Cards w/ Free Shipping Worldwide

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